Saturday, April 05, 2008

8 At Last

Mischa has been looking forward to turning 8 every since she turned 7. She cannot wait to get baptized. She had been really, really, really wanting to be baptized on her birthday, but this year the Spring Session of General Conference of our Church starts today. With three 2 hour sessions throughout the day today, there is no way for a baptism to occur. She's getting baptized next Saturday instead. She's taking that in stride better than the fact that her birthday party that her friends can come to will be in May (I could do it during Spring Break, but it wouldn't be that great of a job, plus a lot of people are going out of town make it pretty much a failure). She'll be getting the family party tomorrow, and on Monday we'll probably go shopping for her gecko.
She's bummed today because it's raining, but I pointed out that party day is supposed to be nice and sunny.
She's been really fun to watch growing up. She's very into reading and crafts right now. She loves her family and playing with her friends. I couldn't ask for a more helpful child and she is always eager to please. She is a very good example to everyone.
Happy birthday, Mischa!

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