Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Stop the Drama

The past two days have been just one thing after another. Caleb is on some new medication and the last prescriptions we got were written by his child psychiatrist, who is out of network. He ran out of his medication so I dropped it off at the pharmacy to be filled before heading out to the park. I got home with a message from the pharmacy- the 2nd medication was on backorder. Perry goes to pick up the first and they haven't even filled it, since they thought I meant that he would be picking up the paper prescription (both medicines were on one sheet) when I meant the pills themselves. They say they can fill the one but that we would have to get another prescription for the second. He finds out that another pharmacy nearby has the 2nd one so he goes there. They inform him that since the prescribing doctor is out of network, we would have to pay full price for both (only one is available as a generic). I tell Perry to come home since it's after 7 (he had been at this since 6:15) and I would call Caleb's doctor in the morning. I call this morning to have the doctor write the prescriptions, which I arranged to pick up from her office. I got a call about 30 minutes later- his doctor is out for the day and the other doctors usually don't write prescriptions for ADHD patients that they don't see. They found one doctor he had seen before to write one for him. I went to the store to get some stuff after this conversation and get the mail. Our dentist is moving about an hour's drive away. I already had it on my plate to find an optometrist to check Mischa, a doctor for me for migraine meds, and now I have to find a new dentist. Of course, Caleb and Mischa have an appointment on March 8th, so now I'm sure that will be pushed back quite a bit. I don't think there is enough chocolate in the world at this point.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate Snob

I think Anneliese has made Valentine's Day her favourite holiday. Caleb came home with a bunch of chocolate candy that he won't eat, so she's been chowing on it all day. She came to me with a heart to unwrap and it turned out to be one of those crispy rice kinds. She took one bite and said, "Mommy, not good". No more bites for her. A little while later she found me and had unwrapped a plain chocolate heart. It had one bite taken out of it. She showed it to me and proclaimed it "perfect" before shoving the rest of it in her mouth.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pinewood Derby 2008

We had our Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago. Pictured with Caleb, Mischa, and a Flat Stacy visiting from a Brownie Troop in Michigan (last year we had a Flat Stanley) is the Fat-tailed Gecko. Caleb came in 5-5, which is what he did last year. He missed coming in fourth by less than an inch. He won best paint job, which was funny because the car isn't painted at all, it's a skin.

After the race we enjoyed all sorts of fun racing treats, including this cake that I made:

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Words, Really, No Words


Mischa has been wishing for snow since Thanksgiving. I think if someone told her if she gave up all of her Christmas presents it would snow, she would've done it. A few weeks ago, she lost a tooth
and asked the Tooth Fairy for an extra $10 since she had been so good that year. The TF told her that $10 in quarters was WAY too heavy to carry, but she left some snowflake pencil erasers for good luck in her wish for snow. And a few days later....

they all ran outside at the first few snowflakes to catch them on their tongues. It took awhile, but it eventually turned into this

New Diet

Way back when, I gave myself two weight loss goals. They're only 5 pounds apart, but those last 5 pounds always seem to be the killer. I haven't been doing much to work on it recently, and have verrrrrrry slowly crept down the scale. Then I found my new weight loss miracle. 3 pounds in a week, in my sleep, with no hunger. The only downside is that it's called the flu and even though I'm physically feeling better after a week of sleeping, I think my diet will be continuing. Apparently my sinuses haven't gotten the message that I'm better now and have decided to block all sense of taste for me. In desperation yesterday, I went through the fridge trying to find something that I could eat. I opened the salsa and could faintly smell it. Excited, I told Perry to get some lime flavoured tortilla chips, figuring the salty chips would help. They taste like cardboard. I got a hamburger and fries for lunch today, thinking the mustard and salt would help. Nothing. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper for a week. Water takes on some weird cough medicine taste, so that's no help, either. I bought some Squirt, so I hope that'll help somehow. The last few times I had this happen to me was during a few of my pregnancies- both times it lasted several weeks.
Nope, the Squirt didn't work- tastes like flat diet soda. I am so bummed.