Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chocolate Snob

I think Anneliese has made Valentine's Day her favourite holiday. Caleb came home with a bunch of chocolate candy that he won't eat, so she's been chowing on it all day. She came to me with a heart to unwrap and it turned out to be one of those crispy rice kinds. She took one bite and said, "Mommy, not good". No more bites for her. A little while later she found me and had unwrapped a plain chocolate heart. It had one bite taken out of it. She showed it to me and proclaimed it "perfect" before shoving the rest of it in her mouth.

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kodiak73 said...

You failed to mention the Chocolate Mint she abandoned after one bite and the Rasberry Chocolate that she turned her nose up to after her first one. She likes it plain and simple, straight milk chocolate... and oh does she like it!