Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Six Flags

Every year the kids earn a free Six Flags ticket by reading 300 minutes. This year we had to wait until the 21st to go, but we got it in before we moved to Arizona. It was just about as empty as it could be. On some of the Looney Tune land rides, my kids were the only ones on them. Perry and I both got onto Batman Returns and walked right onto the front car.

I've discovered the theme of goofy faces.

The flying boats were one of Liesie's favourites.

Gotta have Sylvester and Tweety in there somewhere : )

After going on Thunder River 3 times. We had a total wait time of less than 15 minutes.

Monday, June 28, 2010

We've Arrived!

(this has been sitting in my drafts for awhile, when I was delusional enough to think that I would be catching up on posts and be able to post them in order- the heat must've already gotten to me)

Today was our first full day in Tucson. I registered the kids for school and they had their first Eegee's for lunch. We then went back to tour the school. Liesie and Josh will be in their own buildings, and Mischa and Caleb are in the same building. The choir room and the band room are HUGE! After we toured the school, we came back and swam at the hotel pool for an hour or so. We have one more day of sitting and doing nothing, then the movers will arrive Wednesday morning. Looking forward to getting into a routine again. Although not having to cook and do dishes has been pretty nice.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hello little forgotten blog!

I really haven't forgotten you, oh sweet little blog. It has been a crazy few months around here. Cakes, Caleb's 5th grade graduation, Perry getting a promotion that will move us to Arizona, getting the house on the market, all of the "little" projects that take forever when you're by yourself with 4 kids, posting little blurbs is easier on Facebook, posting pictures is soooooo much easier on Facebook, etc. I am planning a post/picture a day once we move, so maybe that'll be the easing back into it I need before I start the catch up once the kids start school.