Friday, November 28, 2008

My Tears Weren't Because He Was Getting Older

Josh's sixth birthday will be talked about several generations from now. I'm still not in the laughing about it stage, but I'm no longer crying. Let's see what this is about, shall we?

It all starts out with Joshua's theme for his cake. He wanted a Ben 10 character, like Caleb had (but not the same alien), then decided to go for a Teletubbies cake. That really didn't fly with us, so I came up with Bumblebee from the Transformers, Joshua's favourite. I was going to do the car, but when I went to get the cake pan, I realized I didn't have any rectangular cake boards. It's Black Friday, and I'm not going anywhere near Wal-mart or Michael's. I did have round boards, so I had to modify the design some. The car was gone, and I chose the Autobot logo instead.

I did keep the cake in Bumblebee's colours, though. I've been trying to liven up my borders some.

I was just sitting down at the computer, all done with the cake, when I heard the dog drinking in the kitchen. Then I realized he wasn't drinking. As I run to the kitchen in slow motion, the scene from A Christmas Story flashes in front of me- the dogs eating the turkey. Yep, life is imitating art right in my own home. Lucky me!!

Ooh, pretty bad, huh? Wait, it get's worse....

Um, it wouldn't be the back that's destroyed would it? Oh no, front and center baby!
Perry and the kids convinced me that they would still eat the cake if I cut off the destroyed parts (we'll eat from the back to the front). I had used all of my white to make the black, so my shells are different in the fixed part, but overall it isn't too bad.

The dog is really bad about trying to steal food, so I'm making it my mission this coming week to break him of that.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the cake I did for Perry's potluck at work:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Marathon Day

Race Day

Before the race. Josh is crying because I hurt his feelings when I said he looked like an Oompaloompa.

At the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor's Center during the race:

Worn out

Ruby Falls Photocap

The waterfall

All together at the waterfall

A bad picture of us, but you can see the waterfall this time

Downtown Chattanooga
The kids really enjoyed Ruby Falls. As far as caves go, I think Carlsbad Caverns has better formations, but the waterfall was really neat.

Tennessee Aquarium Part 2

Photocap of the Tennessee Aquarium Part 1

Since we were all traveling for Perry's marathon, we decided to go up a day and a half early to get some sightseeing in. The travel through the North Georgia mountains was beautiful. We've decided to go on a day trip here next fall. On Friday, we hit both the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls. Here's some photos of the day:

A brave turtle

Halloween 2008

We had a good Halloween this year and the kids decided to make it a little easier on mom this year in the costume department (well, most of them did).

Caleb continuing his Ben 10 theme from his birthday.

Mischa was the robot from last year and she wants to go as the tin woodsman next year. This costume definately paid off the time I put into it.

Here's my exception. Joshua told me he wanted to be an alien dog.

Anneliese, the sparkling princess.

With very tricked out Tinkerbell hair.