Friday, November 28, 2008

My Tears Weren't Because He Was Getting Older

Josh's sixth birthday will be talked about several generations from now. I'm still not in the laughing about it stage, but I'm no longer crying. Let's see what this is about, shall we?

It all starts out with Joshua's theme for his cake. He wanted a Ben 10 character, like Caleb had (but not the same alien), then decided to go for a Teletubbies cake. That really didn't fly with us, so I came up with Bumblebee from the Transformers, Joshua's favourite. I was going to do the car, but when I went to get the cake pan, I realized I didn't have any rectangular cake boards. It's Black Friday, and I'm not going anywhere near Wal-mart or Michael's. I did have round boards, so I had to modify the design some. The car was gone, and I chose the Autobot logo instead.

I did keep the cake in Bumblebee's colours, though. I've been trying to liven up my borders some.

I was just sitting down at the computer, all done with the cake, when I heard the dog drinking in the kitchen. Then I realized he wasn't drinking. As I run to the kitchen in slow motion, the scene from A Christmas Story flashes in front of me- the dogs eating the turkey. Yep, life is imitating art right in my own home. Lucky me!!

Ooh, pretty bad, huh? Wait, it get's worse....

Um, it wouldn't be the back that's destroyed would it? Oh no, front and center baby!
Perry and the kids convinced me that they would still eat the cake if I cut off the destroyed parts (we'll eat from the back to the front). I had used all of my white to make the black, so my shells are different in the fixed part, but overall it isn't too bad.

The dog is really bad about trying to steal food, so I'm making it my mission this coming week to break him of that.


just me said...

oh dear, jamie!! just another reason i would rather not have dogs in the house. *lol* what good sports your family were!!

Diana said...

Brings back some fond memories of our dear departed Zeus. He was a food thief too. The thing that finally broke him was the sqirt hose on the sink. If I caught him sneaking food, I'd pretend to ignore him long enough to run a little water and nail him with the hose. He was a Lab, so I didn't know if water would get to him, but we discovered that his labness didn't like involuntary dousing. Pretty soon he avoided food from the table and counters. If it was on the floor, it was fair game though. Same goes for if it was in the hand of one of the kids, or in the trash. LOL I sure do miss the old dog.

Adam and I went to see Austrailia today, and one of the promos was for the film "Marley and Me". There was a cake frosting scene in the trailer - so you can at least console yourself with an even closer "life imitating art" moment for your future viewing deja vu enjoyment.

Jamie said...

I wasn't sure about the lab/ water thing either, but my first plan involves digging around in the kids' bathtub toys for a squirt gun, then onto a shock collar. If he's brain dead, both together, lol. I was wanting to see Marley, but now I'm afraid I'll burst into tears at that scene.

Likes Chocolate said...

How sad and funny at the same time. Nice cake though!