Wednesday, January 28, 2009

100 Days of School

Kindergarten is always celebrating something, and the 100 days of school celebration is always my favourite.
On the 101st day
Rockin' the high waisted look

Cute old man

Funky Food

Just a few fun food fotos:

Get Out the Bubble Wrap

On Sunday, January 18th, we were all rushing around, getting ready for Church. All except for Joshua, who was playing with the dog. He was standing at the top of the stairs and threw Shadow's doughnut down the stairs. Shadow bumped into him as he ran down, knocking Joshua into the wall backwards (luckily it wasn't down the stairs). He started crying and Caleb went over to comfort him. I heard a "Um, mom, I think you need to come here" and opened the door. I saw a little bit of blood on Caleb's hand and went to inspect the damage. His hand wasn't very bloody, so I wasn't expecting much. I asked Joshua to show me where it hurt (he is waaaaaaay overdue for a haircut). As I started to look through the hair in the general area that he pointed, a drop of blood fell onto his neck, followed by another. I stopped looking and opened the linen closet (luckily it was right next to us) and grabbed our red washcloth (luckily I procrastinated putting it back into the first aid kit, which we keep downstairs). I pressed it onto his head for a few seconds, then went back to looking. The second I saw the gash, I yelled for Perry that a trip to the ER was going to be coming. Thankfully I remembered that the urgent care center run by the children's hospital was open- it's about a mile down the street and the co-pay was $70 less than the ER. Perry took him while I finished getting the kids ready for church. Six stitches and an hour later, they were home.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just a Little Excited for Christmas


A few months ago Perry and I went bowling on a date. We hadn't been since we were first married. We had forgotten how fun it was! We went again at the beginning of December with Caleb, when he was too old for the childcare at our Young Women sponsored shopping night, and started working on his Bowling belt loop for Cub Scouts. We decided to take the whole family during the Christmas break when Perry was emailed a coupon (we ended up spending $30 for 2 hours of bowling for all 6 of us- including shoe rental!).

Yes, I know you are all loving the form.

Caleb had a good game- even had a few strikes.

Mischa would've been a serious contender if she got a little more power behind her.

Josh loved it!

Sorry, hon, couldn't resist.

Anneliese decided at the end that she wanted no help from dad whatsoever.

Happy New Year!

We had a really nice New Year's Eve. We went to our friends house and had pizza, tons of snacks, and lots of fun. The kids played XBox and various board games and had a dance party. The adults enjoyed the kid-free time to play Yahtzee. My visiting teacher from Church sent some fireworks over for the kids to enjoy. The only thing that I would've changed is it was so freaking cold! A cold front decided to come through that day and it was close to 20 at midnight.

We started setting off the top half at 10. When we finished that, we went inside to warm up. We started the second half at midnight, but we still have a few left over for July.
25 seconds to go....


New Year, New Look

I finally got bored waiting for my hair to grow another 2 or 3 inches to be donated.

Here I am in November in Chattanooga:

Here I am now: