Tuesday, January 06, 2009


A few months ago Perry and I went bowling on a date. We hadn't been since we were first married. We had forgotten how fun it was! We went again at the beginning of December with Caleb, when he was too old for the childcare at our Young Women sponsored shopping night, and started working on his Bowling belt loop for Cub Scouts. We decided to take the whole family during the Christmas break when Perry was emailed a coupon (we ended up spending $30 for 2 hours of bowling for all 6 of us- including shoe rental!).

Yes, I know you are all loving the form.

Caleb had a good game- even had a few strikes.

Mischa would've been a serious contender if she got a little more power behind her.

Josh loved it!

Sorry, hon, couldn't resist.

Anneliese decided at the end that she wanted no help from dad whatsoever.

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