Tuesday, February 05, 2008

New Diet

Way back when, I gave myself two weight loss goals. They're only 5 pounds apart, but those last 5 pounds always seem to be the killer. I haven't been doing much to work on it recently, and have verrrrrrry slowly crept down the scale. Then I found my new weight loss miracle. 3 pounds in a week, in my sleep, with no hunger. The only downside is that it's called the flu and even though I'm physically feeling better after a week of sleeping, I think my diet will be continuing. Apparently my sinuses haven't gotten the message that I'm better now and have decided to block all sense of taste for me. In desperation yesterday, I went through the fridge trying to find something that I could eat. I opened the salsa and could faintly smell it. Excited, I told Perry to get some lime flavoured tortilla chips, figuring the salty chips would help. They taste like cardboard. I got a hamburger and fries for lunch today, thinking the mustard and salt would help. Nothing. I haven't had a Dr. Pepper for a week. Water takes on some weird cough medicine taste, so that's no help, either. I bought some Squirt, so I hope that'll help somehow. The last few times I had this happen to me was during a few of my pregnancies- both times it lasted several weeks.
Nope, the Squirt didn't work- tastes like flat diet soda. I am so bummed.

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Me and The Boys said...

As soon as I saw that Pinewood Derby cake... it makes me want to stick my finger in the frosting! Maybe you could FedEx a tub of it over here to Arizona! ;) Everytime I see your kids it amazes me how big they have gotten!