Monday, April 21, 2008


Mischa has been looking forward to turning 8 ever since Caleb got baptized a few years ago. I think she would've started a countdown from her 7th birthday if she had gotten the idea. It just about killed her to wait an extra week since she turned 8 on the same day our Church has General Conference. We had a nice turnout- we also had a convert baptism with us, so we got those that might not have turned out for Mischa but go to convert baptisms were there. I did learn not to rely on the word of 20 year old missionaries when it come down to details, though. "If you need any help with refreshments, let me know" translates into "the Relief Society is taking care of refreshments" (never mind the fact that they didn't follow up with her). We had some stressful moments on Friday hunting down clothes, pulling together refreshments, and making phone calls to the other family to see what they knew, but all the stress went away once we were there. It was really cool to see Perry baptize Mischa and have family and friends come to share in her decision to get baptized.

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