Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday Craziness

We survived the triple birthday! The kids had fun blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, and jumping on the trampoline at Oompah's (Grandpa) house. Liesie had a little more fun than the others.

Mischa's cake based on her horse Webkinz

Liesie's caked based on her Webkinz (we got sick the day of the party and the black bled a little during the week)

Their cousin's cake. I decided to do a dog that looked like my dad's dog.

Mischa got a beautiful quilt that Grandma Kinney made and a cage for her new gecko and Liesie got some outfits and some Littlest Pet Shop toys.

Happy Birthday Song for Liesie

The frosting is the best part of the cake

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