Saturday, April 05, 2008


We've always been a furry little creature family. Mice, ferrets, and guinea pigs. We're not quite ready for dogs yet, since Liesie is so small and I want her to not be face to face with the dog. We had been without a pet for a few months when my next door neighbour asked if we wanted his son's fat-tailed gecko. Being assured that this was a low-maintenance pet, I agreed. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much we like him (or her, haven't checked yet). He sees the kids come up every night to get ready for bed and he comes out to wait for his crickets. It's really cute to see him shake his little tail right before he grabs the cricket.

Since Caleb had the space to keep the cage, we put him in his room, even though it was a family pet. Apparently, though, location is 9/10ths of the law, even though the kids know it's a family pet. Heaven help me when we get a dog and the dog favours one room over the other. Mischa then decided that she wanted one for her room. I told her for her birthday we'd get her one.
Since today is her birthday and tomorrow she'll be getting a cage from Grandma and Grandpa, I went out to visit a couple of the pet stores in town to see what they had for our shopping trip on Monday. There is a Petsmart right by the Target I go grocery shopping at, so Liesie and I stepped in to see what they had. Nothing really in our price range, unfortunately, so I turned to go. At the exit there was a dog rescue group, so I had to step around them a bit. This new route took me by two hamster cages and a 10 gallon tank with the tail of an albino leopard gecko sticking out from a hiding spot. I went to look closer and saw that it was for adoption. I was just about giddy at this time, lol. I asked about it and the associate went to get someone who knew about it. After a few minutes, the lady came to help me. Turns out, after unhooking a really cool magnetic rock hiding place (the outside of the "rock" sat on the outside of the cage so you could check on your pets inside), there were 3 geckos in there! They were all pets of the employees, so they are all really tame and really healthy. I got all 3 (now each kid has one), the heat lamp, hiding rock, and cage for free! She was really excited that we were already a gecko family. So our newest members are a leopard gecko,

(she's a little feisty and active)

albino leopard gecko,

named Leopard Stripes by Mischa

and blizzard leopard gecko.

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kodiak73 said...

Can't complain that we got $250 worth of pets for free I guess... Of course the unintended "pet" crickets are going to be fun... Now if we can just figure out how the crickets are escaping...