Sunday, March 30, 2008

More Birthday Excitement

Yesterday was Anneliese's third birthday. I am ready for a quiet weekend for a change. My Grandma Kinney passed away on the 7th, Perry's birthday on the 17th, Easter last Sunday, Liesie yesterday and then Mischa's birthday is on the 5th. We're hoping to get her baptism done on the 12th (Caleb's karate graduation to green belt is that morning, too), since the troop is going camping on the 18-19, and I have camping training on the 26th.
Yesterday was pretty low key at the start. We didn't do too much in the morning, and then things got started around 2. We went to a graduation party for a friend's son, where I found out the time for the birthday party at my Dad's house (since Mischa and Anneliese are a week apart and they have a cousin born on the 27th, we have a party for all three at once) was going to be 3 on Sunday. I hadn't even started the cakes. We stayed at the party for about 45 minutes and left. We went home to get Perry's phone since we would be getting Liesie's present at Target and would be separated during that time we figured we needed a way to communicate. We got the keys and started for the freeway, since we were also going to BJ's in Cumming, about 20 minutes away. We had gotten about halfway to the freeway when our friend called from the party. We had left Joshua. In the hustle of getting everyone to the car, and the fact that he buckles himself in, we didn't realize he ran off to play before we got to the car. They wouldn't have noticed, but he got hurt and then they realized he was still there and we had left. Went to pick him up (they hadn't told him he was left behind, thankfully) and headed to do our grocery shopping. Got home and had some mac and cheese (birthday dinner for both girls this week and next) and did the blowing out the candles in a Twinkie. I figured we were having cake the next day and this would do. During the course of the day, it became obvious I was coming down with pinkeye. Did Liesie's present, ran to Walmart and Kroger to get the last few things that were on our list but didn't want to get before dinner since it was raining, and started the cakes.
I was going to stay home today since I was still contagious and also the fact that I only have a pair of broken glasses came into play. Hopefully I will be able to wear my contacts by Tuesday, when we have a Brownie meeting. As Murphy would have it, I have an appointment to pick out new glasses next Monday. I should've scheduled an appointment the day Liesie came down with pinkeye several weeks ago. Oh well. Then when we all woke up this morning, Mischa had pinkeye, too. The party ended up being postponed until next Sunday, but I was almost done with the cakes by then. I hope they freeze well.
I'll have pictures of the birthday girls next week, along with their Webkinz cakes. This is going to be a taxing tradition on my creativity. Three cakes that are all different, yet have the same theme. Mischa picked this year's, so maybe I'll have the girls each pick a year.


kodiak73 said...

I told you this last night, but even your writing style in this post conveys how frantic your life has been the last couple of weeks.

As for the leaving Joshua behind thing... every parent of more than 3 kids is allowed one abandoned kid moment right? The sad thing is that we BOTH missed him. Of course, if it was just one of us we probably wouldn't have been distracting each other and not assumed the other one had sheparded him to the car... But of all the places to forget him, with a group of church friends, kids playing in the back yard, and with maybe 1 of 3 or 4 church friends that have your cell phone number programmed into their cell phone... God was watching out for him, even if he had to trip Joshua to get an adult to notice...

Real said...

You have no idea how good this post makes me feel. It's nice to know I'm not alone when life gets frantic like that. And we've left kids before, too. Don't worry about that. I hope you get a nice rest after your camp training!