Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cake Mania

Here are my latest three cakes that I have worked on over this last weekend. I haven't done a cake since the Pinewood Derby, and then I get these three for one weekend. The first one was due on Friday, and the other two were for Tuesday, but my grandmother passed away Friday morning and the last two had to be done by the time I left Monday morning. It was quite hectic around here last weekend.

This one was for a first birthday- the small one is the smash cake.

This one was for MOPS- we were having different birthday themes and our table was either sex. I forgot the toasted coconut that was to be sprinkled on the ground.

This was for the husband of my Brownie co-leader. He turned 47.


Real said...

So how did you get the barn and the laptop screen to stand upright? That's amazing. A talent I definitely don't have!

Jamie said...

The barn cake pan is supposed to stand up, although it's not as 3-D sturdy as I would like, especially to move, so I put some dowels through the cake and boards.
The laptop was just about to give me nightmares. On the morning of delivery, Perry and I were going through the garage trying to find anything that would work as a stand. I had had some thin metal bookends that would've been perfect, but I don't know where they are. I ended up using a plate stand from a Relief Society project. The gray spot in the middle of the black is covering the prongs.