Friday, July 11, 2008

September 13

Perry thinks I'll be ready, so I'm going to go ahead and register for my first 5K at Suwanee Day 2008 tonight.


Real said...

Yay! That's so cool. How neat that you guys have this running thing in common now. He must be loving it!

The 5K i was supposed to be trying for happens in one month and so far I havne't done any running at all. I'm pretty certain I couldn't run a mile without stopping like you did! So I doubt I'll be registering for that one.

I'm just so excited for you!! Good luck!

kodiak73 said...

You'll be ready, I am so proud! At the same time I am worried that you will have a bad experience and drop this whole thing like a sack of Potatos... First impressions carry a lot of weight! I think you will enjoy the sence of accomplishment that it engenders.

Jamie said...

I still have several hundred miles left in these $$$ shoes. The frugal person in me will at least run a few more to get my money's worth, and by then I might have a good experience if this one tanks.