Monday, July 21, 2008

A Little Better

I did my 2 miler for the week, and I've been having a goal of going just a little further everytime without stopping. On Thursday, it was 1.25 miles, and Saturday I went 1.35 miles. Today I went 1.5 miles, and I only stopped to grab some water because my mouth was turning into cotton.
I've also noticed that my first .25 mile is my hardest. It seems like my body fights the running really hard. Today it lasted almost a half mile, but at the 1 mile mark I was feeling a lot better than I ever had. When I stopped for water at 1.5 miles, I was still feeling great energy-wise. I kept a 13:16/mile pace. Now watch the 3 miler on Wednesday see me going only half a mile before dying, lol.


Real said...

Wow. I'm really proud of you. Good job!!

kodiak73 said...

That's my girl! I think your private cheerleading section is having a beneficial effect.