Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The First Mile

Well, Perry has officially talked me into trying running. I went and got a few outfits two weeks ago and on Saturday I bought the shoes, so now I figure I'm in it for at least a few hundred miles, lol.
With Perry gone and the fear of public humiliation beyond compare a very real possibility, I'm starting out on my treadmill. I'm nowhere near as impressive as Perry, and I truly think he could beat my mile time walking on his hands, but hey, I ran a mile (we'll keep it between us that I stopped every quarter mile to drink half a glass of water). It took me 23:00 to do my quarter mile warm up at 3.5, 1 mile at 4.5 (fairly nice slow jog), and a quarter mile at 3.0 to cool down. My hips are a little sore, and the balls of my feet aren't quite sure what hit them several hundred times, but I'm alive. I flipped our treadmill around to watch T.V., but nothing was really on, so I flipped between the 80's and 90's music channels, so that kept me from staring at the display on the treadmill, willing the distance to pass faster.
I've never been a runner, so I don't know if I'll ever improve on my time, or even if I'll be able to make it downstairs in the morning, but there's the report on my first (and hopefully not last) mile.


Coleen said...

Good for you!!!

Real said...

Yay for you!

The Hubba and I are definitely signing up for the 5k in August. Although, I haven't yet run my first mile... Wanna compete? Just for funsies?

Starts next week for me. We're running in the evenings. Which is the luxury of having teenagers living with us! Love it.

kodiak73 said...

:) :) :) :) You go girl!