Thursday, June 05, 2008

Another Day, Another Mile

Well, by upping my cool down pace a little, I shaved a minute off of my PR- now I'm at 22 minutes for my mile and a half! Woo hoo! The only thing I'm really excited about is that I actually ran 1/2 mile nonstop- so I only stopped for water and a quick stretch twice instead of 3 times. I thought it was going to kill me, but I did it.


Real said...

I'm so impressed! Good for you! I start on Monday. I hadn't planned on timing myself, but you and Perry seem to be motivated by it so now I'll have to try, too.

Jamie said...

I just know what the treadmill tells me. I don't think I would do it running on the street. I haven't even broken down the time to get my mile running time- everythings just lumped in with the walking warm up/ cool down.

Real said...

Ahhhh, a treadmill. I want one!