Monday, August 20, 2007

Vacation- Day Twelve- Salt Lake

I am so sorry to leave the vacation hanging. I started this post awhile back and then life exploded with school starting and all.

We started out the day with a family breakfast in a park by the Jordan River Temple. The kids stayed at the park, while a lot of us went to the Jordan River Temple.

After the temple, we went over to a nephew's house to help his wife decorate the cake for the 50th Anniversary picnic the next day. We rushed from there to Big Cottonwood Canyon (stopping to see the house where Perry grew up on the way) for the family campfire. The kids had a blast being outside. Gathering firewood was a huge hit. We enjoyed hot dogs and sang songs around the campfire.

What started out as a hug, ended up as fodder for Joshua's dating years.

Ed, Mischa, John and Anneliese. John quickly became Liesie's boyfriend and had her attached to him almost the whole time.

My man getting ready to cook.

Mischa loved the s'mores. She went around taking people's orders and making them.

One of my favourite pictures of the weekend.

A furry little friend came to snack off of what we dropped.

Making the fire. A VERY popular activity with the kids.
Before John, there was the ranch dip in Liesie's life. I think she probably ate 90% of it.

Caleb and a cousin. Thank goodness for batteries!

Yummy s'mores. Did you know that they make chocolate-flavoured marshmallows? They are really good. The strawberry ones are good, too, not too sweet.

More fun cousins.

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Real said...

In your "favorite picture," she looks like Kristine's oldest (?) daughter.