Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Vacation- Day Ten: Off to Salt Lake

After all the craziness of the day before, we were all ready for a nice, air-conditioned car ride. We drove through St. George, and the kids and I got to see the St. George Temple.
Photo courtesy of the St. George Temple page on

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of the landscape in this area. We were in constant smoke or dust for probably 3 hours. The smoke was from the Milford Flat fire. I had heard how big the fire was, but to actually see the aftermath was heartbreaking. The highway we were on had been closed a few days before we came through, and it was still smoking in some areas. We could see the orange repellent on the road and got to see two helicopters, one filling up at a pond, and another flying to the pond.

We pulled into Coleen's in Salt Lake right about dinner. The kids were thrilled to meet more cousins. Caleb was thrilled to have more boys to play with. We continued our practice of happily staying up too late.

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