Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Caleb started karate right after we got back from our vacation. Our dojo really likes to award based on obeying, so to earn his white belt, we had to "catch" him doing things he should without being told. After five of these "Zero Rules", he was able to earn his belt and to break a board with his hand. His instructor was a little nervous at first, and during some kicking drills, he called him over to work on some self defense (but was really testing how hard he could hit). After hitting his instructor a couple of times, the instructor discovered that Caleb is very strong for his size and would have no problem. At the end of class he got to break his board.
And on July 31, 2007, another white belt was born. No sweat, according to Caleb. Now he's off to earn his blue star for 40 days of "Black Belt Mornings"- totally getting ready for school on time and with a smile on his face. If I remember right, they get red stars for every straight A report card.

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