Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gotta Get Crackin'

Perry is totally smoking me on posting lately. Guess I need to dump the kids and get a life to blog about, lol. Maybe my upcoming overnight camping training in a few weeks will offer some humourous fodder (if it's anything like the last Girl Scout camping trip I remember, it will).

Therefore, I jumped on the quiz that he linked to on his latest post. Since I wasn't expecting it, and I can gloat a little over him, I apparently match Romney with a 95%. I also have the same match with Thompson. I also am relieved that I match Obama only 39% and Hillary 32%. Perry matches her 40% (if I remember correctly)- I blame his brief stint as a registered Democrat. I matched Gravel 16% and surprisingly Richardson only 26%. I thought I would match him more than Hillary.

I also ranked all Republicans before the Democrats. Must be the health care, social security, and illegal immigration.


kodiak73 said...

How can you be 95% for both of them? That's just not right! As for the registered Democrat comment, that was just uncalled for. At least tell them why... I had a friend's father that was running for office, after several attempts as a Republican, he ran as a Dem without changing a single plank in his platform and beat out a twenty someodd year incumbant that he had lost to countless times. I swiched parties so I could vote for him in the primary. I think that is a forgivable excuse that cannot be held against me!!! (Do I protest too much? The guilt and shame persist!)

Jamie said...

It's more fun to let them wonder why they never really knew you after all these years, lol.