Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wax On, Wax Off

We went to the school's walk-a-thon yesterday. We ended up showing up late (but at least Perry got to go with us!) because of some miscommunication the family I babysit for on Monday had with each other, resulting in the mother telling me her son would be home at 4:30, instead of the 5:30 she told me a few weeks ago. We only walked a mile out of the 2 miles and we could've probably done the second mile before the trail closed, but the kids were starting to complain and lag a bit. We had a Mexican dinner catered in (not too popular with the kids, but I thought it was tasty and I'm not too fond of Mexican food). At the end of the dinner, they had a prize giveaway for the person who raised the most, class that raised the most, and grade that raised the most. It was a very successful fundraiser, with all but $200 of their $15000 goal raised by last night. They also had a raffle. They raffled off an 8" TV, some CD players, gift certificates to a sporting goods store and an ice cream place, two lucky people won a pound of chocolate (the little girl I watch in the morning was one of those), and then they announced the last prize of the night. Six months of unlimited karate lessons. I just closed my eyes and chanted "Caleb, Caleb, Caleb" in my head. The assistant principal announced, "Caleb....J". I opened my eyes and looked at Perry. Did I hear right? He's been bugging us to do karate, and our dr. thinks it will be good to get him involved in non-classroom activities so he can experience success in multiple fields, so this is just perfect. Of course, check with me in a month when I sign him up and he shows his siblings his karate moves (he had had the gift certificate in hand for all about 30 seconds when we gave him this talk). And now Mischa is starting to bug us about karate lessons...

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