Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Almost Over

Two more days. Just two. And then I'll be sleeping in (if you can count 7 a.m. as sleeping in).
One more event- the Cub Scout Space Derby. That is tomorrow, and is officially the last activity on the calendar. I've survived the hardest part, which was yesterday. Caleb's class party was yesterday and I think it went pretty well, even though we had to stay indoors because the smoke from the south Georgia fires was paying us a visit. The volcano cake smoked (I'll have to post pictures), no sand was spilled in our dolphin key chain craft, and most of the class finally got me their thank you notes to the teacher so I could gather them into the binder. I feel a little guilty, though, because I haven't gotten any teacher gifts from the kids. I was just so burned out in Caleb's class (and he did a letter), and I just donated to the baby shower we had for Mischa's teacher a few days ago (and she wrote a letter, too), but we didn't do anything for the TAG teachers. Maybe I'll have them write a letter to put in their boxes on Friday. I just don't feel like going into another store for a long time (Perry'll be glad for that, lol). I ended up babysitting last minute for 3 kids until 4:30, so I was almost too pooped to go to our Girl Scout Service Unit's dinner at one of our favourite Italian places. Almost. I might've rethought going, but registrations for next year were due yesterday and since I had two parents give me their registrations yesterday morning (they were due last Tuesday, but only half the group gave me theirs) I couldn't go drop them off at the registrar's house until it was almost time for the dinner. I had a little frustration with our treasurer, who is crazily involved in school activities, complaining to me about having to get her stuff to me last minute for the registration. Even though she had the paperwork filled out about two days after I gave it to her and all she had to do last minute was fill out three checks. I had talked to her Monday about dropping everything into my box Tuesday, but apparently she forgot she agreed to that, so I had to run past her house on the way to dinner to pick it all up. Ugh. But it's over. The dinner was good, it was fun meeting new people, and the waiter had us sing happy birthday to a guy who swore he couldn't be embarrassed. Now I have to turn my attention to the house, which has been woefully neglected in the past week. Ugh.

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