Monday, April 30, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Another busy week- Brownies, planning an end of year party, Walk-a-thon. I'll be glad when school is over and I can stop to breathe. The start of school and the end of school are the craziest times in a mom's life.

Saturday- The kids had homemade pizza (we went to a Tri-Stake youth dance festival on Friday and had IHOP). The adults went to Olive Garden to celebrate my Stepmother's birthday. I had the chicken crostina, which I had been wanting to try since it came out. It was so good, I almost asked for the recipe. Yay Olive Garden for reading my mind! Perry had this and really liked it. The smoked mozzerella fontuda was very good, too.
Sunday- Chicken and rice (which we didn't have last week), corn, biscuits
Monday- Walk-a-thon surprise
Tuesday-Spaghetti, French bread
Wednesday-Leftover spaghetti
Thursday- BBQ chicken, corn on the cob
Friday- Homemade pizza

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annie said...

Yum! Everything looks so good!

UKZoe said...

So walk a thon - today right?

Real said...

I just wanted to say that I love that pic of you!

Sandra said...

Wonderful menu, I also want to try the Chicken Crostina at Olive Garden :)

Jamie said...

The walk-a-thon is about 2 miles, but we might do the shorter route, since we'll be showing up late and I don't know if we can do it. We'll see how the kids hold out.