Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mixed Blessing

Anneliese woke up for the second night in a row. I didn't mind in the old days, since she would fall asleep as she started nursing. Not anymore. I think she clones herself twenty times and they like to play on the bed. Even while she nurses, she's trying to flip herself around. If she's still enough that I fall asleep, just as I'm asleep she'll sit up, wanting to nurse on the other side. Then she'll usually sleep until normal time (provided the kids are quiet as they get ready for school). I don't know what time she woke up this morning. I stumble to her room without glasses, but I do know I saw the green light on our security panel. The next thing I know, I open my eyes and see green flashing on Perry's side of the bed. Yay power outage! Turning the TV on shows it's 5:15. We reset the clocks and snuggle into the covers again. Perry then wakes up- power's gone out again. He took his shower with a gas lamp. I was worrying about having to find a friend not in the neighbourhood, since I needed to make frosting for some giant cookies and I need my mixer for that. Power came back on, and we turned on the news just as they were talking about the power outage in our area. They never said what caused it, though. If it hadn't been for Anneliese, though, we would'nt have noticed the power outage. I'd still like to sleep through the night for the rest of the week, though.

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