Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seven Already?

Today is Mischa's seventh birthday. She got to spend the night with Oompah and Grandma last night and go shopping and out to lunch with Grandma today. Watching her walk toward the car today when I was picking her up, I was struck by how she isn't a little girl anymore. She is growing up fast. Her art and handwriting have improved so much over the course of the year. Watching her with her friends has really been fun. My little girl has girlfriends. She has such a big heart and an even bigger imagination. She has a room-brightening smile and a cute little snort when she really gets to laughing. She is probably a bigger reader than I ever was. She is insightful, caring, and an all around joy.

Dora and Boots by Mischa


Perry said...

I loved this Dora and Boots picture she drew. I still say it shows Dora taking a chainsaw to Boots and cutting off his head! I guess we all just see what we want to see in art, right?

Papa J said...

Perry - I saw the same thing, but I wouldn't have mentioned it.

All that pent up rage probably comes from being forced to sleep on a hard floor without a pillow. At least she gets a blanket.

Emily said...

wow! a lot of artistic promise here ;)