Monday, August 14, 2006

The Weatherman Must Die

Well, okay, maybe not that drastic. Thumbscrews, maybe. Or babysitting for me for a whole weekend. Yeah, that'll be good punishment. I keep the news on in the morning so that I can hear the weather for the bus stop. Everything looked good this morning. Last year, the bus driver moved the stop to the end of our driveway since we were the only ones getting on at our scheduled stop. She told me at the last day of school that she might not be coming back, so we trekked next door to the bus stop. The bus is scheduled to be here at 7:22, so we leave the house at 7:15. Things are going great, then around 7:20, it starts to sprinkle. By the time I run home and get an umbrella, the bus will have come and gone. So we decide to get underneath a pine tree and all is well. Then I start hearing louder rain, and you can see it moving down the street. It's about 7:30 at this time. Great. By now, the tree is getting saturated, so we're getting dripped on. The 3 older kids are hiding under my shirt, because I'm convinced that any second the bus is coming, so it's not worth going back to the house. Anneliese is loving the rain. At 7:35 the bus comes, with a new driver. I take the youngest two and we trudge back to the house in the rain, which is starting to let up. About 2 minutes after we get back in the house, it stops completely. Ha ha ha. Good one, Heavenly Father.

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Kristine said...

I'm totally laughing...we're scheduled to have a kindergarten teacher show up shortly, but I'll have to tell you about my day a little later!