Monday, August 21, 2006

Tiger and Me- the Even Dozen Club

This Sunday, Tiger Woods won his 12th PGA tournament, and Perry and I celebrated our 12 anniversary. Unfortunately, this won't be the reason why this anniversary will be so unforgettable.

I got up Saturday morning to do my usual chores of making a menu for the next week and create a shopping list from it. In doing this, I realize for the first time, that my anniversary is the next day. Crud. I can't believe, even with the crazy week I had, that I would forget. 50 lashes with a wet noodle for me.

Evening comes, and I'm waiting for Perry to get home from getting some home repair stuff so I can go out and get him a gift. At 8:30, I hear a thud and then Michaela starts screaming. They have some video game chairs that rock and it seems that she was standing on one end and Caleb jumped on the other, propelling Michaela into the air. She came down on her back and whacked the back of her head really good on the floor. I get her to sit down and put some frozen corn on it- wow, veggies are good for something after all! At 9:00, Perry gets home and the vomiting starts. As the resident concussion specialist, and recent first aider, I'm getting scared. Perry calls the nurse helpline, and even though she sounds OK, we decide to take Michaela in. Perry drives to the nearby urgent care center, to find out that it closes at 9:00. He then had a fun time with a toll booth cashier because he missed his exit when Michaela decided to go to sleep on him and worry him. After about 5 minutes, she decide that the state of Georgia can live without Perry's 50 cents and sends him through. At 12:30 I get a last update before I'm told to go to bed. Michaela is going to have a CT scan as a precaution, then they're going to give her some Gatorade to see if she keeps it down, then send her home. They got home around 3:45. Our actual anniversary celebration was pretty subdued. We kicked the kids to the kitchenette table, and had a nice adult dinner, while Anneliese walked around, begging corn and pork roast off of our plates.

I am so thankful to have Perry as a husband. He has kept me sane more times than he knows. He is the rock in this relationship and I appreciate everything he does for me. I could not have asked for a kinder, more loving man to be my husband forever. Perry, I love you, and you will be getting a gift, either today or tomorrow. Promise!

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Kristine said...

Happy Anniversary you two! Sorry about the chaos. Did Mischa end up with a concussion? Sending prayers your way!