Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Mom, It's Still Alive!

I was getting everyone's snack ready this morning when Caleb yells down the stairs that there is a cockroach in his room (and it's a cockroach, not a roach, he informs me). I told him I'd get to it in a few minutes. In the hustle of last minute hair/teeth/shoes/bug spray, I forgot about it. I was brushing Michaela's hair and in the mirror I see him in the dark bedroom behind me. "Mom, it's still alive!" He dangles the roach, sorry, cockroach by the antenna. Ack! I yell at him to drop it, so now it's in my room! Double ack! Luckily I had a plastic cup (see Honey, my OCD is useful!) nearby, so scooping and flushing was painless.


Kristine said...

I'm impressed he caught that fast cockroach! Congrats on the fast dispensing of him (or her).

Pat said...


So you flushed it, but you don't say whether or not you squished it. Now its wiggling around in your sewer giving birth to legions of fresh invaders.

Maybe the Orkin man can tell you whether or not Cockroaches have ears.