Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cake Blog

Whew! I finally finished posting all of my cakes. Now to go through and tag them all!


Kristine said...

Hey Jamie! I just listed you as the recipient of a blog award. Congratulations!

Real said...

Check out my sister-in-law.

Is it just me or does this make you ill? LOL!

Jamie said...

Seriously, I am going to quit! It's just as bad as the lady on a runnersworld message board that was like me in every way (height, age, started running for the first time at the same time, her race is 1 week after mine) and she runs about the same miles/minute. And she's 70 pounds heavier. Can I get a little break for all of the work I've put in? It looks like I'll be lucky to break a 35 minute 5K, and that's if it's all flat!

Anonymous said...

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