Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vacation- Day Three: Phoenix

Happy Fourth of July!

Today was spent getting set for going over to my cousin's. She lives really close to the Peoria Sports Complex and they have great fireworks every year. I made my deviled eggs, and my mom barbecued some cranberry orange chicken wings (very yummy). My cousin has a pool, and she rented a Spongebob jump house for all of the kids. She also has a misting system, so it's really nice to be outside. Liesie was really loving the pool. We put the arm floaties on her and she didn't want to be held anymore. She was even trying to jump into the pool. Caleb was a little bummed, though, because my cousin's daughter and friends wouldn't play with him. Things were going well, until we gathered in the driveway to watch the fireworks. Mischa said she wasn't feeling well, and in a few minutes threw up. The fireworks were great, and it was good catching up with everybody again.

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