Thursday, July 19, 2007

Vacation- Day Six: Off to New Mexico

We left Saturday morning to head on over to Silver City, New Mexico. We were on a little bit of a time crunch, since our nephew was getting baptized at 3:00. We met up with some friends in Superior- they live in Miami and we had planned to stop and see them for just a few minutes, but they were on their way to the Valley to be there for their daughter's ultrasound. We chatted for about 20 minutes with Mark and Brenda, their two sons (who have grown about 3 feet since I last saw them), and their oldest grandson. Then it was off to the baptism. It was really great seeing everyone from our old ward again. It was amazing the difference 3 years makes in a kid's look- I hardly recognized everyone! After the baptism, we ran to Wal-Mart to get some batteries for the digital camera and to test our theory- you can't walk into the Wal-Mart in Silver City without running into someone you know. We ended up seeing 3 people we knew before we got to the first aisle, and added one more person as we walked the store. It was really fun getting all of our kids together at Pat and Kris's house. They had never met Anneliese and we had never met Bam-Bam. Lucy and Josh were really little when we left. Angel-Face is missing in the above photo (I don't think I got one of him with the digital), so you'll have to go to the above link to see him. We stayed up too late and had a lot of fun catching up.

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Kristine said...

We loved your visit!!
The house is totally rearranged's funny to see the pictures from just a couple of weeks ago and realize how much we have rearranged.
It was a blast to stay up late and visit...even if it wasn't the smartest thing to do.