Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We just returned from 2 weeks of family fun. I'll be blogging about it, but as usual, there is the requisite unpacking and laundry to do. I should be done today with it all, so I'll start tomorrow.

And a quick funny-

From a previous post, you know that the Backyardigans are big at our house. I like to kid the kids about some of the episodes. I switch the words of the Ghost and Pirate episodes (the Ghosts favourite word is Arrr and the Pirates say Boo). I like to do this particularly to Joshua because he gets the biggest laugh in correcting me. So Perry decided to ask him what a pirate ghost says. After he got the concept, his answer was:


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Kristine said...

Hey, I'm glad you guys are home!
It is a job to get everything finished and back to "normal" if there is such a thing.
Did you get my e-mail about stamps?
If not, let me know and I'll re-send it...I wasn't sure if the addy I used was the right one.