Sunday, March 04, 2007

Funny Kids

Just a couple of quickies-

We had Joshua say prayers at dinner the other night. He's been saying them for awhile, but he always stops and waits for us to say something, then repeats it. This night, Perry was helping him, but kind of using charades to do it. Joshua asked for the food to be blessed, then he paused. Perry made a muscle and pointed at his arm, for "to make us strong", and Joshua then asked to "please bless our elbows".

One of the kids was watching a movie yesterday and paused it during a preview of Charlotte's Web. In it, Dakota Fanning was kneeling down to talk to Wilber. Anneliese kept hitting her on the bottom, saying, "Go, go".


Papa J said...

I should use the sharade and point to my knees. It sounds like a good system...except I'd miss "make us strong" too if Perry were pointing to his "muscles."

Perry said...

Oh dear brother of mine, what you fail to understand is that Joshua knew exactly what he was talking about. You need strong elbows to withstand the strain when the muscles connected to them are so HUGE.