Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stopping to Say Hi

I apologize for the big lull there. Things have just gotten crazy around here. Caleb was suspended for two days for hitting two fifth graders in the stomach, so I've been doing a lot of research on ADHD and homeschooling, just to keep my options open. Then I get a soon to be VERY two year old girl all of a sudden. Ugh. It could be worse, I guess. My friend has a three year old girl with Joshua syndrome (I really shouldn't laugh).
Girl Scout cookies have come in (thank you again, Perry, for braving the warehouse to load our minivan full of our troop cookies!), so between sorting and delivering, and preparing our girls for our first ever booth sale, it's been chaos on the Brownie front. We had our first booth sale on Saturday. It started out sprinkling on us on the way there, but quickly turned into the perfect day. Our cookie mom, B, only gave us about a third of our cookies, since she was concerned that they wouldn't sell, since this area had booth sales for three straight weeks. We were at Walmart, land of impulse buys, so I don't know what she was thinking. Luckily, my co-leader is cookie mom for her older daughter's troop and had brought all of their cookies. We sold out of what we brought and used enough of theirs, that when we paid them back with our boxes in B's garage, we didn't have enough boxes and had to pay them for six boxes! We sold 250 boxes! Woo hoo! B was initially concerned about how many we ordered extra for the booth sales, but I think we have the most awesome little sellers in the world! Only four of our girls signed up to help on this sale, so to give all the girls a chance to do this we're helping out the troop we borrowed cookies from at their booth sale this coming weekend (no parents have been signing up to help man the booths for them, how sad). They might not have booth sales at all next year because it's too frustrating for the cookie mom and leaders. I signed up to stay on after our sale to help my co-leader out.
I'm also in a weight loss quest, and decided that I really need to step up the exercise. I haven't been too good sticking with that, but the past few days I've really tried to get at least one walk in. I did two yesterday and the shin splints have caught up to me. I'm going to rest my legs for a few days and start a little less ambitiously, lol. I've never been a runner, so it must be seeing how awesome Perry is doing with his weight loss by running that caused the temporary insanity. The sad part was that you could only call it a slow jog, and I could only keep it up for two minutes at a time, two or three times in my 30 minute workout. I guess I'll need to focus on diet (at least the evil cookies are out of the house) and pilates for the next few days. So if I go AWOL again, you'll know that I feel better.


Papa J said...

I'm sure you already know this trick...to stretch out those shin splints, with your big toe write the alphabet on the floor while sitting in a chair. Not quite a silver bullet, but it can help.

Good luck with the rest of the cookies.

Jamie said...

I did not know that- thanks Pat!

Perry said...

That actually sounds like it might work bro! I have never suffered from very bad shin splints so I didn't have many helpful suggestions for my wife.

Also, no one out there should think that Jamie hasn't had any success. Her efforts are paying dividends already. This biased opinion thinks she is looking great.

Papa J said...

I should also add that you should do practice your alphabet BEFORE you run/walk too. It took about two weeks for my shins to stop aching so much when I was walk-running in Kearny.

You should also identify whether or not you are an over or under pronator and get the appropriate arch support. I think that makes more of a difference than the stretching.