Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Little Bit of Sass

On Monday night, we went to Dairy Queen (nyah, nyah Toni) for a treat to go along with our nonexistent Family Home Evening. On the way there, we passed by Chick-Fil-A. Joshua always calls this Cow Foot, even when I tell him the name. On this night, he informed me that this was no longer called Cow Foot, it was Chicken Cow Foot. I chuckled at this, and was rebuked with a "Don't laugh at me".
The next situation needs a little bit of background. Monday was a noisy day. A really noisy day. Apparently Joshua thought I was a mile away every time he talked to me. Noise really wears on me. A lot. So here we are at Dairy Queen (hot fudge sundae, mmmm) and Joshua has been told several times to whisper, since I'm sitting right next to him. I was reading the nutritional pamphlet (only 240 calories for my small sundae, not too bad), so I popped him playfully on the head. And I was met with him standing on his chair and saying, "What do you say now, Mom?". Ouch. I guess they do listen, lol.


Papa J said...

You say, "Sit down or I'll do it again!!!"

Code Yellow Mom said...

My 2yo calls it "Tix Fo Fay." Cow Foot is hilarious.