Friday, February 16, 2007

Go Ahead, Make My Day

Almost every morning it's the same thing, only the time is different. Joshua comes sliding down the stairs, one at a time, on his bum. He then runs over to me, sitting at the computer, climbs up on my lap, throws his arms around my neck, then as he pulls away, asks for "Disney channel and a poptart". He is so nice and warm, so cuddly. I just can't imagine my day starting any better.


Kristine said...

Holy mackerel...he's the spitting image of his big brother!

I honestly thought that was Caleb when I pulled up your blog.


My kids have never been too fond of pop-tarts. Breakfast would be a lot easier if they would buy into them though!

Papa J said...

When our kids pop up they all congregate in front of the fireplace. And then usually fall back asleep.

Real said...

Don't place the blame on me! I've only been blogging for a few months, you've been going for more than a YEAR and I didn't know about it! I guess we'll both have to play catch up!

Real said...

And how is it that you can produce boys that look just like your husband and girls that look just like you?