Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yearly Update

I decided I had better do something with my hands, or I was going to be snacking on chicken wontons all night long. I am still behind a couple of ideas for posts, but I can't guarantee full attention on my writing, since I'm home with the baby while Perry is out getting my present (hopefully he can find it, lol), so I'll have to do something that won't suffer from getting up every 2 minutes.

***For some odd reason, I can't upload our family picture, even though Perry was able to. I have tried every way imaginable to get it and am left with this as the only option: this

2006 for the Perry John Family

Caleb- Caleb turned 8 this year and was baptized. He also started Cub Scouts, which he really likes. He's excited for his first pine wood derby next month (Perry's bugging me for some power tools for that one). School is going pretty good. He's in the gifted class once a week. He hates finishing the worksheets in class, though. I can tell he's going to be one of those "aces the tests but are still failing the class because he won't do the homework" types. He loves video games and all things Star Wars. He tries to be a big helper most of the time, even if he isn't very appreciated all of the time by his youngest sibiling.

Mischa- Mischa turned 6 and is the biggest reader. If it's a book, she's reading it (we caught her reading about diaper rash in my What to Expect the First Year book). She is in the gifted class, too, and is a "perfect" student, according to her teacher. She loves being cute and tries to be her best always.

Joshua- Our 4-year-old clown. He is just so fun to be around. He loves to count things. He's also really into video games and Star Wars, too (I think his brother is responsible for that). He's a real love bug, and I always get a quick cuddle first thing in the morning before his "pop-tarts and Disney channel please".

Anneliese- Well on her way to turning 2 in March, she's had quite the year. She loves being a helper. And she is a HUGE cuddle bug. Not as much as last year, since she has things to do now, but I think she'd rather be held most of the time. She isnt' talking too much, so we're teaching her a little sign language here and there. She's up to 9 teeth and 20 lbs. She's eating a lot better now (she wouldn't do textures until 18 months old). She loves chocolate and strawberry milk. She likes to imitate her brothers and sister. Josh Josh is her favourite right now. She loves it when she wakes up before him and gets to climb into bed with him to wake him up.

Me- Busy as ever. Both Cub Scouts and Brownies are going well. Room parent and PTA stuff is going well. I'm babysitting after school for the neighbours on both sides of us. It's been kind of crazy for me, and I'm really missing "me" time to unwind. I think when Anneliese starts playing more by herself and doesn't want up on my lap everytime I sit down, it'll get better. I'm enjoying living close to my dad and the opportunity we have for the kids to know their "Oompah" better. I'm enjoying my sewing lessons, too.

Perry- Working hard, traveling a lot. Losing weight like crazy (totally jealous about that one). He's teaching the 17-18 year-old Sunday School class at church. I won't say much more and make him blog about it.

Overall, it's been a good year. Some things I wouldn't want to go through again, some things I'm sad won't happen again, some things to look forward to. Now bring on those wontons!


Comejolo said...

I really enjoyed your updates and I always enjoy your blog. I wish our kids were closer Nelson and Caleb sound so much alike I think they would get on great. How was your Christmas? Ours was wonderful. My main gift is sending the boys to 5 days of Karate Camp for the rest of the week and I get a vacation. Yea! Take care!

Sandy M said...

Hey Jamie...I'm enjoying your blog posts. The pictures of your family are great. I started reading Kristine's blog and then yours and Perry's. Robby even reads them! He especially likes the pictures. Happy New Year!!!