Monday, December 11, 2006

Rudolph's Nose Isn't the Only Red Thing This Time of Year

Silent night,
Holy night.
All is calm,
All is bright.
Round yon virgin,
Mother and child...

"Mom," a little voice in the back of the car pipes up, "what's a virgin?".
"This one's yours, " my ever so helpful husband tells me. Thanks. Thanks a lot. As I mull over how to explain to my 6 year old daughter this little Christmas lesson that wasn't exactly in my holiday to do list for this year, we see something out the window and mama gets a pass. Until last night.
I had seen pictures of a show on the National Geographic Channel called In the Womb, about animal development. Once we sat down and watched it, even I, a pre-vet student, learned some really cool things. But the fun of how we discovered it was on. I was flipping through the channels, trying to find a Christmas special for the kids. Michaela was the main driving force on this, so she was watching the screen intently. We pass a shot of white squiggly things swimming. I instantly recognize the little guys and keep flipping, making a mental note to come back after the Amazing Race and watch the show. "No, no, mommy, go back to the white things. I want to watch that!". I flip back, and have to do a little sperm and egg talk real quick. I am spared the embarrassment of explaining how the sperm gets there, however, as the show does a little "flashback" of that very thing with Golden Retrievers. The act itself was very brief, but in dogs, the male is "tied" to the female from 5 to 20 minutes. Fortunately, seeing two dogs standing end to end was too funny for Mischa to ask further questions. My nightmare was that she was going to go to school and share her new found knowledge with everyone. I'm sure that would be a phone call that was just as awkward to make as to receive, lol.


Kristine said...

I'm totally giggling here.
Good luck.
Oh yeah, the questions get harder.
Just so you know.

The Blood Report said...

you don't update this enough!! i want more! i would start a blog, but i have a feeling no one wants to know what i am REALLY up to and i wanna keep the friends that i have left!! i saw a commercial for that "in the womb" show, it seems super cool and i wanna see it! that little baby elephant? how freaking cute is that???