Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Life Is Too Busy

I've been wanting to blog since Sunday, but everything has been coming at me fast and furious. I was hoping for a slow down, but there are cookies that need to be baked on Thursday, which hopefully will all be delivered by Friday or Saturday. I had a class party today and a Cub Scout party tomorrow, so I'm dead. I just thought I'd share the little funny that Joshua told us at dinner.

"Remember, mommy, don't eat the spicy round hot dogs."
"Okay, Josh. Why not?"
"Because the wind comes."
I don't think I want to know where this wind comes from, do you?
Ah, the mind of a four year-old.


Perry said...

What you fail to mention here honey is that we were not even having hot dogs for dinner and the comment was a complete Red Herring to the discussion at the time...

Jamie said...

I almost put in what a non sequiter that was. How manicotti links to hot dogs in that kid's head, I'll never know.