Monday, December 04, 2006

Third Times a Charm

I went to bed Saturday night with the thoughts of hot dogs going through my head. Thought I would share my yummiest hot dog recipe ( broiled Ball Park franks on a toasted buttered bun, topped with melted sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream), how I absolutely can't stand boiled hot dogs but how, when I was younger, would eat uncooked Oscar Meyer hot dogs (the texture finally did me in), and how I can practically eat a whole package of hot dogs (including buns) in one sitting if they're done on a campfire.
I never had a chance to post on Sunday, and went to bed Sunday night with a whole different post in my head. It's too much to get into right now, since I don't have time to do it justice.
Leave it to Caleb (who lost his 3rd tooth last night) and Mischa, though, to give me something. We were finally (their impatience, not mine) getting around to putting ornaments on the tree. Anneliese was starting to get into it, too. She would get mad when the other kids would take her ornaments away from her to hang on the tree. Anyway, Caleb and Mischa were having a great planning session how they were going to be missionaries and go up to the North Pole and teach Santa the Gospel. I hope they remember their parkas, lol!


Perry said...

In the Polar Express those kids are only in their jammies and didn't seem cold at all. There must be a hot spot for Santa's Workshop... Maybe all the kids need to do is eat a whole pack of hot dogs and they will stay warm...

The Blood Report said...

i totally remember you eating raw hot dogs! i thought you were crazy, then i tried one and liked it! funny thing is, we just bought hot dogs (hebrew national or nathans) and i was tempted to to eat one raw. i just couldn't get myself to do it. mom and i are taking fallon to a xmas candlelight service. i just know that he is going to try to blow EVERYONE'S candle out. i can see it now, he'll be running up and down the pews yelling "echo!". (he does that everytime we are in a large room or public bathroom).