Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Twiddling my thumbs

Sometimes I have the sorriest life. I've been bored, waiting for the people who write my favourite blogs to update. In my quest to forget the slowness in my life, I've forgotten that they have a life. I've had a migraine, the little mobile virus infection units they call kids have been running underfoot, and a whole lot of nothing has been getting done. I want to escape, darn it! Is it too much to ask that they call in sick and spend the day writing witty things to entertain me? I know my 3 year old will entertain me all day long (starting with a box of oatmeal poured out on the carpet, followed with a nightcap of a whole bottle of body lotion on another carpet). So maybe it's not excitement I crave, really, just a little vicarious, out-of-the-normal adventure where I'm not responsible for cleaning up.

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