Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Products I wouldn't want to live without

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
The dark day when I realized I had no life came when I made Perry come and see what these little rectangles of goodness did to the refrigerator door. I had actually left a little before and after sample. To this day, these are almost the first things I reach for when cleaning.

Mrs. H.S. Ball's Chutney
There's chutney, then there's Mrs. Ball's. When Perry came back from South Africa raving about the chutney, I went and bought a bottle of Major Grey's to go with some curry I made. He didn't seem all that thrilled with the chutney. I thought maybe it was the variety and bought several different types and brands, all with the same reaction. Yeah, they were good, but they weren't like what he had in South Africa. I gave up looking. Then, one day, he sends me a link to a website telling me he's found it. Mrs. Ball's. Never heard of it before. Christmas shopping for some German mustard in our Harry's Market, I find it has an international section (with lots of varieties of German mustard) and to my delight it has a South African section. Filled with 3 varieties of Mrs. Ball's chutney. Skeptically, I tried some on a cracker. HOLY COW! Now I can see what he was raving about. To this day, I've probably eaten more of the chutney than he has.

The Blue Bulb Nose Syringe
You know, the ones they give you at the hospital when you've had a baby. Nothing cleans out a baby's nose like those. Ours broke on our second baby and we bought the one that has the wide tip. Totally sucked (or rather, didn't). I found one at Babies R Us and grabbed it.

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