Wednesday, February 08, 2006

One of those days

You know you've stayed up too late and shouldn't have when you wake up to the news radio guy telling you that it is 6:11 and you've set the alarm for 6:00. How I missed all of that talking right next to my ear, I don't know. I'm even single-momming it for the week, so my ears should be alert for anything. The kids decided that they weren't going to understand English for the first part of the morning (as far as I can tell because the first 3 times I told them to be getting dressed it went right over their heads and the 4th time a look of understanding lit upon their faces as I threatened to send them to school in their pajamas). I was brushing my oldest daughter's hair on the way to the bus stop (luckily it's at the end of our driveway). Sent them off to school and sat in the quiet deciding if I wanted to take a shower when the baby woke up. She finally woke up and I had just finished feeding her when the phone rang. Michaela is itching really bad and can I come pick her up from the clinic. There goes the shower. Dress the two youngest and out we go. Pick her up and head over to Kroger to pick up some candy for my oldest to give a friend whose candy he stole (a whole other entry in and of itself), grab lunch, and head home to prepare for Daisy Girl Scouts. I'm co-leader for Michaela's troop. It's a really fun thing, but you throw in our 10 Daisies, 2 Brownie helpers, the sister of one of the Daisies that stays most of the time, my 3 kids, plus the girl next door that I watch after school, and 3 or 4 toddlers from my co-leader's daycare, and it's really easy to go crazy. I felt like I was thrown into The Grinch that Stole Christmas- all the noise, noise, noise. It didn't help that we were doing recycling crafts and some of the girls decided to create maracas out of the stuff that we brought. Home brought a clingy baby who was angry when I put her down to throw some dinner together. For such a little angel baby, she sure can scream. As the night went on, it became clearer and clearer that she was getting sick. I hate those nights. I hate it even more when you're alone to handle those nights of endless crying, where nothing is soothing. Makes for very long and cranky days for me the next day. I will have to say, that before we tried to go to sleep, she was the most talkative baby she's ever been, probably about an hour of nonstop babbling. It was really cute when she was lying beside me on the bed and we were both looking up at the ceiling, to just listen to her talking to me. I would look over at her and she'd look at me and smile. I'm convinced cute is a defense mechanism to make tired moms forget that it's the 10th dirty diaper of the day or to ignore the slobber when their little ones try to give them a kiss.

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