Friday, March 06, 2009

Rock Star

Joshua was chosen as one of the Blue Team's rock stars at the team meeting. The school is split into two teams (my boys are blue and Mischa is red). There are 3 team meetings a year and at every meeting they choose 3 rock stars- kids that try hard, do well, and are good examples. Mischa got one last year- luckily I happened to be there since Caleb was on the other team. Josh's teacher let me know earlier in the week- which was good since it was my turn to go to Mischa's meeting. I'm going to apologize in advance for the shaky video- Anneliese kept wanting up and pulled on my arm constantly.

Josh's introduction

A bonus was that 4th grade was singing a song a few of the students wrote.

Inuit Living
to the beat of Kung Fu Fighting


The Inuits were living in Alaska
Keeping warm was a big disaster
So they made clothes from animal skin
and built igloos to sleep in.

They were funky Eskimo men
From Alaska and Greenland
The men bartered for steel
and the women cooked a good meal.
The kids had a strong heart
Everybody knew their part
From shooting a bow and arrow
To playing tic-tac-toe.


They invented the kayak that would always flip back
Hunting was a pain so the kids would play a game.
They carved knives from ivory tusk
and prepared their meal at dusk.
They loved their husky dogs
who pulled their sleds through thick fogs.


Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha! CUT!
Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha! FISH!

Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha! GOT ONE!
Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha! LET'S EAT!


Oh-ho-ho-ho ha section

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