Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Farmhouse in the City

Alana and I took our girls to the grand opening of a new business in our town, Farmhouse in the City. It's a little place that has small animals and arts and crafts. The girls had fun and Liesie really loved the ferrets (good girl).
Making a windsock
Bunny love
Checking out the magic wands
Loving the boas!
A shot of the fairy party room
A cool giraffe carving



Marchet Butler said...

Cute! That would be a fun little trip for our family sometime too. Love the black and white pics!

Jamie said...

I was channeling my inner Marchet. I saw the light and thought B&W would be the best way to highlight it.

Real said...

I'm just selfishly asking you to make a new blog post because of this. On my blogroll your blog appears right above my sister-in-law's blog. Her blog is called "Suburban Homestead" and her last post is entitled "Sanity." And your blog is "Stop the Insanity" and your last post was "Farmhouse in the City." And it's really confusing me every time I try to decide if I've already read something by one of you or not!

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