Thursday, March 12, 2009


This morning was not a good morning. I lost it big time with the kids, so I decided that even though my feet hurt, I was going to try to run again. I walked .25 mile, ran (stopping every so often to stretch my back which was really hurting for some reason) 1 mile, then walked .75 mile to finish up at 30:30. My feet and back are not happy. I really need to call a podiatrist to see what I can do with the calluses on the balls of my feet (I've never had problems before I ran), but that involves 3 of my biggest dislikes 1.) calling people, 2.) the doctor, and 3.) people touching my feet. I might have to bite the bullet, though. I couldn't participate in our Brownie Ballerina Try-It with my troop on Tuesday. Don't even want to think about hiking and camping.

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Likes Chocolate said...

I feel like every day is a restart. I sometimes feel like I am taking 2-3 steps backwards. I guess it is just the phase of our lives were we have less time to really do the things we want to do in order to pursue a higher goal.