Monday, January 15, 2007

Lovin' on My Kids

It seems that every age is my "favourite". From the sweet little slugs they start out as, to the smiley and personality-emerging cherubs around 6 months, to the talking, walking beings they grow into. I realize these years are probably coming to an end for Caleb in the next 4-5 years, but maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised and love the teenage years, too.

Caleb decided the other day that he wanted his training wheels taken off. Unfortunately, he assumed that he would be able to hop on his bike and pedal off into the sunset. Gravity is such a hard teacher. After about 30 seconds, he fell. Which prompted cries of, "I'll never be able to do this!". After an hour, and a jillion falls later, we've decided to go back to the training wheels, but to raise them up a little so he has a little safety net. He was leaning so far to the left I was surprised he was still on his bike at all. I'm so proud of him, though, for trying and sticking to it for about an hour.

Mischa is turning out to be a mini-me when it comes to reading. I'm so jealous of the time that she has to just pick up book after book. She probably likes the nonfiction books more than fiction.

Joshua has been really whiny lately. I realize this just goes along with the territory for being 4, but he has turned into such a good big brother. Almost too good of a brother. Anneliese was chewing on a strap of her car seat (the part where you pull to tighten it). He was so insistent that it was dangerous and it had to stop. We had to endure 5 minutes of it, but it was nice to see him caring so much about his little sister.

Anneliese has been slow with her talking. Her understanding of words, however, is right up there. If you mention the word "go" in a sentence, she's off to the closet to get her shoes. And if mentioned going, isn't occuring, she'll tell you "go". She gets so excited over things. Bringing Ranch dressing to the table gets me a "Yay Mama!". If she sees food she likes, she points and says, "There it is!". She has a funny little "ooh" face that she pulls out several times a day.

Everyone is in different stages, and I'm loving them all. I miss the little baby stages, but seeing them all grow up is so exciting and fun.


Perry said...

I have noticed that the kids do seem to go through similar experiences and attitudes. They all started wanting their own controller when video games were being played starting around 1.5 years old. But also, each child is ever so slightly different to where the same behavior is individualized. My favorite example is the high chair when they are done eating. Caleb did the palms out "all done" wave, Mischa would just fall asleep, Joshua was never "done" and would just eat until there was no more food in front of him, and Liesie starts throwing food-plates-spoon-whatever she can reach.

The Blood Report said...

i just love reading all this and catching up on thier lives! GO CALEB! fallon and i went for a walk in the snow last night and he absolutely insisted that he run his hands along every car on the street and knock the icicles off to make that cool little sound. did you hear that? did you hear that?? i have to say, this is my favourite age, well, he sure was a cute baby, but i really like that he can go to the bathroom without me now.