Sunday, January 07, 2007

Growing Up

The first Sunday of the new year is always a shock to me, it seems, when it comes to my kids. Last year it was Caleb moving up to CTR 8 and his impending baptism, and Joshua being a Sunbeam. This year, Caleb is now officially in senior Primary; Mischa, a CTR 7, is the highest in junior Primary in our ward (they had to move CTR 8 to senior Primary last year because of the size of junior Primary); and Joshua came home with his first CTR ring- he is now a CTR 5. Anneliese is having a blast in nursery and no longer cries when we leave (I guess she would have to look back to watch us leave to know that we were leaving, lol).

I am sad to leave the study of the Old Testament in Sunday School. We have an awesome teacher that made everything make sense, even some of Isaiah! He did a really neat slideshow on the life of Christ today before the start of the lesson, with him playing appropriate hymns on the piano in the background. Our ward is really blessed by him.

This is a really neat thing that was posted on a board I go to:

I tried prettying it up, but lately inanimate objects have it out for me. Sorry to bring you into my battles, lol.

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